Who are we ?

Make us your partner and collaborator in your firm’s development

Created at the end of 2017, Bi-Caribbean mission is to assist in the development of local businesses and services, as well as provide networking opportunities for local and regional firms.

Bi-Caribbean is a facilitator and commercial intermediary at the local and regional Caribbean level. We assist companies in their sourcing strategies, helping them deal with and source sub-contractors, products, partners, and suppliers, and we use our network to identify the best partners for the specific firm or individual transaction.

Our experience allows us to position ourselves as export and foreign market professionals

We welcome all clients as valued customers and recognise that all companies are unique, therefore you can opt for tailor-made solutions.

Bi-Caribbean through the supported of Europe and the CACEM, we are committed to promoting and helping you to successfully develop your business locally, in the Caribbean and internationally.

Generate value for your organisation, your customers and your business partners

Model the local artisanal & industrial ecosystem and make it visible with a specific goal: to allow the development and recognition of products, services and know-how
from Martinique and the Caribbean.


Our experienced team has lived, worked and grown up in the Caribbean.
They are bilingual, even trilingual in some instances,and they have built up an efficient network in all the territories where we are present.

Trust, proximity, proactivity and participative management are our values

why choose us ?
We are buyers
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we are logisticians
We are managers
We like challenges
We are caribbean
we like to discover
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